- Privacy Promise

Hills Juniors has created this Privacy Promise in order to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your privacy. The following statement discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for emaill subscribers to the Hills Junior Baseball Newsletter.

The Publisher is:-

Our promise to you is very simple, and is as follows:-

We will never share information about you with any third party without your permission (unless required by law).

In support of this promise, we are pleased to advise as follows:-
Firstly and most important, the general HJBA Privacy Policy (to which all HJBA members are bound), does not apply to this website nor the newsletter mailing list. This Newsletter is a separate service, and is available to non-members. Players who want to update their contact details on the ABF "MyClub" database are asked to do so in the usual way:- via your home club. You cannot do so via this site  because there is no link between this mailing list and MyClub.

Secondly, we comply fully with the requirements of Australian Federal Law.

"The Federal Privacy Act contains ... ten National Privacy Principles (NPPs) which apply to parts of the private sector and all health service providers." Our response to those ten Principles is stated below.

Thirdly, we comply fully with the provisions of the SPAM Act 2003. We will never send you a newsletter or other email without your consent, without identifying ourselves as the publisher, or without providing you with a simple and functional "unsubscribe" process should you not wish to receive further emails.

Finally, we encourage you to check out our Security Statement which deals further with measures that we have taken to ensure that we can make good on our Privacy Promise.

Note:- Third-party Sites

This site contains links to other sites for your convenience. These third-party sites may also request personal information from you. These third-party sites are not covered by this Privacy Promise and HJBA is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites. These sites may have their own privacy policies or statements and we encourage you to learn their practices before providing information.

Compliance with National Privacy Principles ...
1) The Privacy Promise declares that information is being collected for the sole purpose of providing Newsletters to subscribers. All subscribers have the right to access to that information in relation to themselves and the right to correct it if necessary. In the case of minors, this right is available to the parent(s), guardian(s) or other appropriate adult carer(s).

2) Privacy Promise declares that the information will only be used for the purposes disclosed.

3) The mailing list will be automatically updated once annually, in the course of the annual player registration process. We believe this ensures compliance with the NPP requiring information to be accurate and up to date. Any person who unsubscribes to the mailing list at any time, whether a registered member of HJBA at that time or not, shall not receive any further newsletters unless they explicitly re-subscribe. This website will provide a mechanism for any person to subscribe at any time, and for mailing list members to unsubscribe at any time.

4) Information collected by from subscribers will be held:-

  • In written or printed form, in no more than two copies kept at two locations (the second of each for security purposes). Both copies and both locations are under the direct control of a member of the HJBA Executive Committee.
  • In electronic form, on no more than two computer systems in two locations, SUBJECT TO the system backup and disaster recovery policies at both sites, which may include backup copies only.
  • Provision of the information to any other person for any other purpose shall be in compliance with this policy.

5) The handling of the information will be limited to:-

  • Storing of it in a secure fashion,
  • Use of it in delivery of Newsletters only.

6) Information collected about an individual will be available to that individual at no cost and within a reasonable time after access to such information is requested by that individual.

7) HJBA will not collect an identifier that has been assigned by a Commonwealth Government agency (ie:- Medicare number, TFN, ABN etc).

8) Individuals may interact anonymously where it is lawful and practical to do so.

9) HJBA will not disclose any collected information to anyone in a foreign country.

10) HJBA will not collect sensitive information about an individual unless the individual has consented to this.