- Data Security

We've listened to our members as our newsletter has evolved. We've spoken to League officials, club officials, team officials, and ordinary parents with nothing more at stake than the well-being and happiness of their kids.

Most have welcomed the idea of a regular method of communication from HJBA, but a huge majority have expressed concern about the security of their personal details. As a result of that consultation, we've put some policies and procedures in place to reassure subscribers about the way we handle their personal information.

Please read this page in conjunction with our Privacy Promise.

First, we collect only an email address, a form of salutation (a "name"), and the club to which the subscriber feels aligned. Nothing else. No physical addresses or phone numbers, no dates of birth, no names of other family members and no attempt to validate any of this. After all, we're just trying to send you an email once a month or so:- we don't need much more than an email address to do that.

Secondly, the mailing list is under the direct control of the Hill Juniors Executive. Neither BNSW nor the ABF has any access to it. You can subscribe to this list with confidence that your email address will be used ONLY for the purposes contained in our Privacy Promise.

Thirdly, {for the technophiles}, we are using a Linux/Apache installation which provides a much higher security profile than some other platforms.

Fourthly {again for the nerds}, we are using a rigorous implementation of PHPList to manage the list database. Although it will probably irritate subscribers at some stage, we believe that it provides world-class security. For example:-

  • A new subscriber will be required to confirm his/her subscription by responding to at least two emails. This is known as a "double opt-in subscription mechanism". No apologies. This level of red e-tape is known as world's best practice to discourage invalid subscribers.
  • Anybody who wants to change their subscription address will also need to respond to two emails. Again, no apologies, for the reasons above.
  • A subscriber who wants to unsubscribe or opt out, can do so with two clicks on this site, or by sending an email to the Editor. Opting out is WAY simpler than opting in:- something we've chosen deliberately.

Finally, the site, the list management software and the database itself is protected with a variety of security techniques techniques designed to foil any attempt to hijack the list, or to harvest your email address from it.

If you have any concerns about security of your email address, please feel free to email the Editor.

Note:- Third-party Sites

This site contains links to other sites for your convenience. These third-party sites may also request personal information from you. These third-party sites are not covered by this Privacy Promise and HJBA is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites. These sites may have their own privacy policies or statements and we encourage you to learn their practices before providing information.

Note:- Cookies & your computer

We do not use cookies on this site, nor do we collect any information automatically:- all that we know about you is what you tell us on the "Subscribe" page.

However, we do validate the IP address of your computer at all stages of the subscription process, to make sure that your subscription session hasn't been hijacked by somebody else (yes, it can happen). This may, in a small number of cases, cause your subscribe request to fail. The most likely circumstances are when you're using a networked computer, probably from within a large company or government department, and the proxy servers or firewall software gets in the way. There's no simple anwer to this, other than to ask you to try again from home. If all else fails, email The Editor and we'll set you up manually.